Statement on Terrorist Attacks and War in the Middle East

Oct. 10, 2023

Even in a world wearied and torn by violence and hatred, Hamas’s murder and kidnapping of hundreds of Israelis over the past weekend is among the most atrocious of terrorist acts.  This cruel and inhumane attack has provoked a bloody war that has already claimed the lives of thousands of Palestinians and Israelis and will tragically take many more as it continues. 

Princeton is a community that embraces many Israelis and Palestinians among its cherished members, as students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Even more have friends or relatives directly experiencing this awful violence.  The nightmare underway in Israel and in the Palestinian territories is being deeply felt on this campus.  That pain will inevitably continue in the months ahead.  My heart goes out to everyone personally affected. 

The University has reached out to students and other community members from Israel and the Palestinian territories.  Resources and support services are available from the Davis International Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, and the Office of Religious Life.

Our experts at the School of Public and International Affairs have produced a thoughtful compilation of initial analysis and there will be many more such scholarly contributions and public panel discussions about these events in the coming days.

Of course, our work as researchers and teachers must also make space for the recognition of suffering, and for time to grieve and heal.  I hope that Princetonians from all backgrounds will treat each other with grace and compassion during this difficult time.