President's Blog: A competitiveness bill is good for universities, industry, and America

April 26, 2022

Maintaining American leadership amid heightened global competition will require intensified basic scientific research, the traditional domain of universities, as well as accelerated technology development, the traditional province of the private sector.

 Both houses of Congress have recently passed landmark bills that will support our country’s academic and industrial bases with targeted funding for science, investments in K-12 STEM education, and support for regional innovation hubs. 

 Princeton and other American research universities are today joining Microsoft and other U.S. companies in calling on the U.S. Congress to swiftly resolve their differences on these bills and send legislation to the president’s desk for his signature. 

At a time of historic partisanship, the bipartisan development of sweeping competitiveness legislation is a testament to the principled leadership of lawmakers in both parties. We urge congressional leaders to maintain the momentum and pass a unified bill.