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President’s Blog: Welcome Back to Campus

by Christopher L. Eisgruber

The beginning of a new academic year always brings fresh energy, and I feel especially excited to welcome you back to Princeton this month.  In-person teaching, research, and scholarship are the heart of Princeton’s educational mission.  Our people and our community are, first and foremost, what make this University a special place.

To achieve our goals and serve our mission fully, we need to cultivate the relationships that spark discovery and inspire bold ventures.  We need to be together.  I am so glad—overjoyed, really—to have all of you back on campus!

President’s Blog: The Urgent Need for Action on Behalf of Dreamers

by Christopher L. Eisgruber

Two years ago, in November 2019, I stood on the steps of the United States Supreme Court alongside our alumna María Perales Sánchez ’18, Princeton’s general counsel Ramona Romero, and Microsoft’s president, Brad Smith ’81.  The Court had just heard arguments on a set of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) cases, including one brought jointly by María,

President’s Blog: Princeton’s Responsibilities with the Human Remains from the MOVE Bombing

by Christopher L. Eisgruber

I was deeply troubled, as many others have been, by the questions that came to light this past week surrounding the treatment of the remains of a victim of the 1985 bombing of the MOVE house in Philadelphia.  I am especially concerned that the remains were used for instruction on our campus, including in a publicly available online course created at Princeton for the Coursera platform and taught by a visiting lecturer from the University of Pennsylvania.

President’s Blog: Kicking Off ‘FLi Is FLY Week’ with a Transformative Gift from Bloomberg Philanthropies

by Christopher L. Eisgruber

One of my highest priorities as Princeton’s president is to increase the number of first-generation and lower-income (FLi) students who make it to and through college, at this University and across the United States.  We know that a college education is a rocket-booster for students from less privileged backgrounds, and we know, too, that these talented young people make tremendous contributions to college campuses and to the world after graduation.

President’s Blog: Standing in Solidarity with Our Asian American Community

by Christopher L. Eisgruber

I join the Princeton University community and people everywhere in mourning the victims of last night’s horrific shootings in Atlanta.  Though the killings remain under investigation, these attacks come amidst a disturbing nationwide rise in violence, discrimination, and xenophobia directed against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community.

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